Daily Log–Sunday, April 18, 2010

Breakfast: None.  I don’t usually eat breakfast on weekends.  I get up too late.

Lunch: Pasta with cauliflower, walnuts, and feta; steamed asparagus with lemon and salt.

Dinner: Winter squash soup; salad (spinach, romaine, bell pepper, red onion, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, hard boiled egg, feta, balsamic vinaigrette), sourdough bread with butter.

This was my first time hard boiling eggs.  While some of them did crack, and they came out looking a bit funny–why does one end get flat?–I had enough for my salad plus the fridge.  I’d say it was a partial success.

Dessert: Hot chocolate, one Dove caramel chocolate.

Exercise: Health Habits workout, Week 15, Day 3.  Only did half of the second superset, though.  I hate bench step-ups and hip thrusts, and my legs were killing me.


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