Daily Log–Friday, April 16, 2010

Breakfast: Accidentally slept in, so I just had a Clif energy bar.

Lunch: Ham and cheddar sandwich and tomato bisque soup from a coffeehouse-type place near campus.  I had a card for a free drink, so I tried some Earl Gray tea.  I’m not really a tea drinker, but it wasn’t bad.  Maybe I just have to find what I like.

Snack: A few grapes, because I was going to work out before I made dinner, and I was getting hungry already.

Dinner: Pasta with cauliflower, walnuts, and feta from Smitten Kitchen and salad (spinach, romaine, grape tomatoes, red pepper, red onion, avocado, balsamic vinaigrette).  LOVE the pasta.  Seems weird, but it’s so good.  I highly recommend it–anything from that site, really.  I haven’t been led wrong yet.

Exercise: Health Habits workout Week 15, Day 2.  Well, most of it.  Halfway through the last superset I started feeling really weird, almost nauseous.  I did one more set, but the feeling didn’t go away, so I called it a day.  Didn’t want to throw up in the workout room.


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