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Success and Failure

March 27, 2009

I finally dragged my ass to the gym yesterday, and did an interval workout that DR suggested for me.  Score!

However, that point got taken right back, because oh my, are my legs weaker than I thought they were.  The first part of the workout is all squats and lunges, and you’re supposed to do as many sets as possible in 25 minutes, only resting between the sets.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  I only finished three (Four?  Three?  I really can’t remember already) sets, stopping many times during the sets—and even during the reps of one exercise—because I was afraid my legs were going to give out.  Gotta work on that.

I also took a while during the other parts of the workout, because my head was spinning and I had to stop and close my eyes because, oh, the apartment complex probably wouldn’t appreciate it if I threw up on their equipment.  I have no idea why I got nauseous, though.  Working out first thing in the morning, after having a martial arts class the night before?  Not warming up enough?  The workout itself?  Bad posture?  (I think I have a tendency—I have no idea why—to tilt my head back and look “up” while I exercise…maybe that put strain on my neck?)  Taking a pain killer right before I went to the gym?  (I have no idea if that’s bad or not.)

The nausea went away about half an hour after I got back to my apartment, though, so…yay?  Everything’s good?  Except for the fact that my legs stiffened up more and more as the day went on, so now I have to be careful that when I sit down, I don’t fall down instead?

Don’t worry—I may be complaining, but I’m still going to (try to) keep with it.

Just as soon as I can walk normally again.  Ow.