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This is familiar.

February 2, 2009

I’m down to about 195 (ish) pounds now.  One of my pairs of jeans is in danger of falling off when I wear them, and I could have maybe gotten a smaller size when I went shopping the other day, if I wanted to spend the money.  (I think I’ll wash them instead, and hope they shrink enough.)  I went in The Limited on a whim and tried on a few shirts.  They didn’t look wonderful–a little too tight–but they fit.  I could actually get them on, which I’m sure I couldn’t have done earlier.  Obviously, something’s going right.

And yet none of this was enough to get me out of bed this morning the needed hour earlier to go to the gym.  Exercise?  Ugh.  Motivation:  I No Can Has.

I’ve never loved working out.  I don’t think I get that “exercise high” I’ve heard people going on and on about.  I guess I feel okay after I work out, but that knowledge never seems to be enough when that alarm goes off and I’m still sleepy and warm and comfy under my covers.

I don’t know what to do.