Knowing vs. Doing

I know I should exercise more, and that the morning would probably be the best time for me to do it.  But that doesn’t stop me from hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock until it’s too late to go to the gym.

I know that I have a problem of snacking when I’m not hungry.  Sometimes I’ll even say to myself, “Brit, you know you’re not hungry.  You just want to eat to be eating something/you like the way this tastes/you’re bored/upset/etc.”  And then I’ll eat it anyway.

I feel like I just don’t have enough willpower or something.  I don’t know how to fix that.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

And on another topic, I’m tempted to join a CSA this year, because it would give me a large variety of veggies to choose from, and I would be forced to use them.  However, the two in the area I’ve checked out so far cost $500+!  I know that’s for over 20 weeks, so it’s not as much per week, but that’s still a daunting figure.  Also, since I’m only cooking for myself, I’m afraid that I would get too much per week, and it would go to waste.  Do you think I should just stick to the grocery store, and the farmer’s market when it opens back up again in the spring?


One Response to “Knowing vs. Doing”

  1. julie Says:

    I’ve had a few people tell me that belonging to a CSA causes them to cook more, especially more veggies. Once the stuff’s already in your house, you hate to waste it, so you figure out how to eat it. That being said, I am a Farmer’s Market die-hard, but mine is open all year, and I get there by 7 am every Saturday. That’s how much I like my produce. BTW, that’s also how I keep my snacking in control, I eat oranges, carrots, kiwis, even steamed kale, any/all fruits and veggies, salads. Sometimes I just feel like eating, so why not? If I crave salty, I air-pop some popcorn with nutritional yeast and soysauce. It works fine for me, haven’t had chips, ice cream, cookies around in a long time, don’t hardly even think of them anymore. I do have dark chocolate almonds, for when I absolutely must, but maybe I eat 4-5 a week. Manageable.

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