Positive Thinking

I had another meeting with my school’s nutritionist a few days ago, and when I mentioned that I had lost weight since our first appointment, she said that I did look thinner to her.  I’m glad she told me, because I can’t really tell.  When you see yourself in the mirror every day, it’s hard to notice those slight changes that stand out to a person who only sees you once a month.

It can be hard sometimes, too, when people tell you things that you can’t see.  But I can’t let that stop me—I’ve got to look at the things I do notice.  Like the fact that when my Mom and I went shopping after Thanksgiving, the clothes below my usual size were fitting better than they normally do.  And the scale—I’ve lost almost twenty pounds since August.  That’s almost ten percent of my weight.  No matter whether I can see it or not, that’s a big accomplishment, and I shouldn’t forget it.


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