Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

So!  Yes!  Still here!  Sorry about that.  Grad school started kicking my ass big time.  I’m thankfully in a little (itty-bitty) slowdown right before Thanksgiving break, so I thought I better suck it up and update while I had the chance.  And in convenient bullet form!

  • Kale is quite tasty sautéed in olive oil and mixed with other things in pasta.  (And cheap, too!  Must work it in more often.)
  • Roasted sweet potatoes (and/or yams, because no one seems to know the difference) with curry powder are yummy as well—thanks for the idea, DR.  They are, however, a bitch to peel at times.  Can you roast them with the skin on as well, or should I just suck it up and keep peeling them?
  • Speaking of sucking it up, my college has a nutritionist that you can visit for free, so on the advice and urging of a friend, I’ve gone a couple times.  And…eh.  I don’t know—I feel like she’s just telling me things I already know.  I apparently pretty much know what I should be doing to eat healthy, but the planning always trips me up.  It also doesn’t help that the fact that I’m trying to not eat so much processed food a lot of times runs smack into the “OMG I have no time and a frozen meal would be SO much quicker than this” reality.  So far I’ve succeeded in not eating any frozen meals since this school year started, but that also means that I’ve resorted to pasta for dinner and sandwiches and soup (Yes, it’s prepackaged, but!  Hopefully not too horrible.) for lunch a lot.
  • She also thinks that my engineering background keeps me from just jumping into things—if I don’t have a plan of exactly how everything is supposed to go, I have a hard time starting.  Which…yes, most likely, but good luck breaking me of that.  She did, however, give me some pamphlets of info, and a cookbook for eating healthy in college, which I’ve glanced at some but not much, what with grad school kicking my ass and everything.
  • I impulsively bought a cookbook/book/whatever called “660 Curries,” because college has shown me I love ethnic food, and it was on for REALLY cheap, and I couldn’t resist.  Maybe now I can do more than make a weak Thai curry from store-bought curry paste and canned coconut milk.  (I really shouldn’t rag on that curry, though.  It’s quite tasty.)
  • In spite of ALL this, my scale this morning said I have reached 202.5 (gotta love those extra-precise digital scales) pounds.  Just a LITTLE more, and I’ll be back under 200 pounds for the first time since…I don’t know, actually, because I never really weighed myself that much at home, and then one day I was at my college’s gym and stepped on the scale and was like, “Oh!  Hello there, large number.”  But it would be SO nice to get under that marker.

Of course, Thanksgiving probably won’t help that, but oh well.

Speaking of Thanksgiving!  I’m going to be heading home for the holiday, and I don’t want the two heads of broccoli I have in the fridge to go bad while I’m away.  My aunt said I should blanch it and then freeze it, and then I can use it when I get back.  Does this sound like a good idea?  Does anyone else have any suggestions?


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