I impulsively bought a few sweet potatoes last week, even though I’ve never really eaten them before (“They’re supposed to be better for you than regular potatoes!  I should grab some!”).  So, of course, they’ve been languishing in the pantry ever since.  I’ve decided that I should use them before they go bad, but in my quick Google-ing for sweet potato recipies, I’ve mostly come across holiday recipies, or recipies involving copious amounts of sugar and/or marshmallows.  No thanks.

So, does anyone have any good ideas for me?  Should I just bake them or mash them?  Anything good to top them with/add in?  (And remember, this is just for me, so it’s not like I’m going to be using pounds of potatoes, so no huge recipies, please.)


2 Responses to “Halp!”

  1. DR Says:

    Baked sweet potato fries

    There are lots of recipes out there, but all I do is chop ’em up, coat them in olive oil, salt, pepper (I also sometimes use curry powder), and throw ’em into the oven at 400

  2. Brit Says:

    Okay. I roast red potatoes a lot, but I wasn’t sure if that would work well with sweet potatoes or not. And, oooo, curry powder. That sounds like it would be interesting.

    Do you peel the potatoes, or just scrub them really well?

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