Just Doing What I Do…

If I want people to comment on what I’m doing and offer suggestions, it might be a good idea to lay out my physical activity for a typical week, wouldn’t it? Let’s go.

Walking: I’m living off campus for the first time this year, so I can’t walk to class like I used to. However, once I get to campus, my car stays in the parking garage. If I have to go somewhere, I walk. And while I don’t love walking miles upon miles to get somewhere, I also won’t circle the parking lot at the mall or the grocery store forever just to get the closest spot. I’m just average in that respect, I think.

Stairs: Oh my GOD do I have stairs. My apartment this year is on the top floor (the third floor) of my building, and the nice tall ceilings lead to extra-long flights of stairs. And since there are no elevators (which made moving in loads of fun, TRUST ME), I have no other option.

All my work and classes are in the mechanical engineering building this semester, but it is a three story building with only one elevator, a freight elevator, and I usually avoid it and just take the stairs. It’s quicker, actually.

And finally, while I may be driving to school instead of walking, the only spaces for my particular permit are on the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors of the parking garage—and I’m never there early enough to get on the fourth floor. I always take the stairs down, and after the first week or so I somehow managed to convince myself to take the stairs up as well. (My legs do not appreciate this, most days.)

And I do almost all of this while wearing a backpack that weighs a metric crap-ton.


*gets backpack and scale*

*weighs backpack*

I’m sorry, not a metric crap-ton—just twenty-five pounds. Fantastic.

So no matter what else I do, my ass and legs are going to be awesome by the end of this year. They have no choice.

Martial Arts: Before I came to college, I practiced Taekwondo for about 8-10 years, and had worked my way up to a third-degree black belt. In college, though, classes and studying took over, and I never made it to any of those club callouts I saw posted everywhere.

This summer I made the mistake of mentioning all this to one of the other grad students I was working with. Turns out, she practices a martial art that is derived from Taekwondo, and she got all excited and nagged at me until I started coming to classes. So that class is scheduled two times a week (and sometimes three, some weeks). A lot of weeks I only make it to one class, because of homework or exams. It’s always been that way for me—when classes get crazy, extra-curriculars like clubs are always the first thing to go. I did go both times this week, though, so that’s a plus.

Etc.: I keep telling myself that I should do DR’s HIIT workouts, but so far this week that hasn’t happened. I’m horrible at that—I’ll keep telling myself and telling myself that I need to do it, but it doesn’t usually happen. “Easier said than done,” as they say. I know that’s not a good reason, but I’m not going to lie about it.

I was going to try to close this with some kind of witty line, but my creativity has apparently left me for the moment. Hate it when that happens.


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